1. Water balloons.

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    NEW VIDEO: “Opening XXX Fanmail - y’all won’t believe what some people send to my PO Box… reblog if you want me to stalk your blog!

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  4. Spring 2014.

    So, aside from going to World Championships, I’ve been having to deal with Phoenix’s sudden jump from sub 50-degree F weather to 90+ degree F weather, and it’s a huge pain in the ass.

    More portraiture and double exposure.

    CALVIN’S MUSIC PICK OF THE MONTH (don’t listen to anything else)

    This month I pick Dan Croll’s “Can’t You Hear Me” from his debut album, Sweet Disarray. It’s a indie-jazz ish tune with very interesting plays on intonation and rhythm. I believe he’s going to be a big name in music soon, so don’t forget to go check him out.


    This month I am wholly obsessed with Humans Of New York. Humans of New York captures the spirit of people and truly shows the greatness of the human species. Definitely go check that out.

  5. Pictures from this year’s 2014 World Fencing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


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    So if the title didn’t give it away enough, this link goes to my Instagram (@calvinhliang). My Instagram sees a lot more posts from my day-to-day life, so if you want to see what kind of whacky shenanigans my friends and I are up to, please go and click that oh-so tempting like button. Seriously, go do it. 

    To give you an idea, it is relatively similar to my Tumblr feed, but there are a lot more picture from my school and fencing life, rather than just pretty pictures of things I like.

    Quite literally:

    Selfies (really bad ones)


    Food (yaaas)

    Friends :)

    Still Life




    It’s all across the board, really.

    But on a completely serious note, it would mean bunches if you followed me :) LETS BE FRIENDS :DDD

    <3 Calvin

  7. life events: 2/17-3/17

    In the last month, I was officially named to the U.S. National Fencing Team, a great honor that I am more than excited to uphold. In the 3/18-4/18 edition I will share my experiences at World Championships, this year held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    Anywho, I’ve been experimenting with double exposure and general film ventures with the Hongmei HM-1 I bought last summer in Beijing, China. 

    Calvin’s Music Pick of the Month(Don’t listen to anything else)

    My music pick of the month is In Now and Then by Cataldo. It’s a smooth-jazz meets alternative piece, and its unusual waves and soothing rhythm take you away to a euphoric state of mind. If you want a song that you can relax to, this is the song you’re looking for.


    This is something new, because sometimes I’m obsessed with things that aren’t music, and sometimes that needs to be shared. My monthly obsession this month is ZANEROBE, because their clothes are to die for (The shirt in picture 2 is one of them). I don’t think I’ve spent so much on clothing than one internet shopping spree on their website. So if you want amazing clothes that feel good and make you look like a fashion god, go to ZANEROBE.

  8. Favourites from January ;)

  9. Alone in a hotel room. 

    Virginia Beach, VA

  10. lose my mind.